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Testimonials & Professional References


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I was new at the monitor business and didn't really know what to expect when Phyllis told me to meet her at a neutral site to fill in the In-Take Sheet. As soon as I met her, I knew she would be perfect for the job of monitoring my ex-wife. Phyllis is five star in every respect when it comes to caring for and monitoring children around parents who require legal monitoring. I had the opportunity to see Phyllis often, and soon realized her qualifications were exemplary. She is caring, considerate, fair, disciplined and a person you can certainly trust to watch your children. I would recommend her under any situation which involves court-ordered monitoring. She provides excellent transportation between the homes, and it is really a worry-free situation when Phyllis is in charge. It started as a business relationship and ended as a friendship. Although I must use only my first name in this testimonial, feel free to call Phyllis for a private reference from me.

Lee - Appreciative parent.

"Phyllis at Kidz-First is excellent... Was very impressed with her."

Ken Broker, Attorney
15315 Magnolia Blvd.
Suite 401
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403
Tel.: 818/501-5090

"I have used Ms. Block's services frequently since meeting with her and getting to know her. I have had opposing counsel use Ms. Block in cases in which I'm involved and they have been quite pleased with her services. I highly recommend her services to the legal community or to parents that have a need to use a visitation monitor."

Hugh Lipton, Attorney

"Phyllis did an amazing job in a difficult situation. I highly recommend her as a visitation monitor."
David A. Grenardo, Jones Day

"Phyllis has been involved in monitoring Isabelle for over 5 years. I'm totally comfortable knowing my little princess is being monitored by Phyllis and her staff. Phyllis conducts herself in a very professional yet caring manner making the entire process that much easier. My situation as I'm sure others has been difficult at times but thanks to Phyllis everything has been handled well and fairly."
Thomas - Appreciative Parent

Professional References:

Ellen M. Johnson
Sussman and Associates
John Carlson
Elise Greenberg
Carlson and Greenberg
Elyse Margolin
Levin, Margolin;
Dan Jaffe
Nancy Braden
Jaffe Clemens
Hugh Lipton
Lipton and Margolin
Heidi Tuffias
Heidi Tuffias Inc.
Marshall Waller
Feinberg and Waller
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